At the Hospital

2010.08.23-Simon.14.jpgCan I just say that this has totally been a different experience than when I was in the hospital with Ian?  Maybe it’s the fact that Jesse and I have been more rested this time around, but Simon has been really calm and cuddly since he was born.  With Ian, he was born first thing in the morning (5am) and we had been up all night.  Needless to say, we were kind of exhausted those first couple of days.

This time around, Simon wasn’t willing to come on his own.  He was more than happy to stay tucked inside and sleep – which should have given us a clue.  On Sunday morning, bright and early, Jesse and I made the drive up to the hospital for Simon’s scheduled eviction.  I was started on oxytocin about 9am and the doc came in about 12:30 to break my water.  Soon after that, I endured my least favorite part of the procedure – the epidural – and by the time they were done, I was getting ready to push.

When they told me to get ready to push, Jesse looked at the clock and made sure to repeat “3:10” a few times so we would remember it.  Four pushes later, Simon came into the world.  He may not have wanted to come out, but when the decision was made, he didn’t waste any time.  He came out wiggling and crying shortly there after.

After cooking for a week longer than Ian, Simon was born at 3:21pm and was 8lbs 3oz and was 20.5 inches long. So not that much heavier than Ian actually.  Something else that was different this time around was the wiggling I felt on my chest after the expulsion, which ended up being Simon!  With Ian, they took him immediately to the heat lamp and started cleaning him off.  With Simon, they laid him on my chest and didn’t clean him right away.  I got to see him a lot sooner and with all of his cheesy skin.  Obviously they cleaned him off a little, but there was a lot of cheese.

I ended up staying in the delivery room a little longer this time around; or maybe it just seemed like that since no one was waiting for Simon to be born.  Jesse and I had decided we didn’t want anyone waiting – what’s the point after all, who knew how long it would take – so we didn’t actually call anyone until after Simon was wiggling around.  Plus, we wanted Ian to be the first to meet his new brother and he so wasn’t going to wait for who knows how long.  *grin*

About an hour after delivery, Dad (aka Gramps) arrived with Ian and the brothers got to meet for the first time.  Ian was so cute too, but I’ll let you confirm that for yourself.

Once Ian had his turn, the viewing began until I was able to move to the recovery room.  They wanted to move me prior to Ian coming in, but I’m kind of glad they waited.  That epidural was a doozy and I so couldn’t feel my legs for a bit.  Even after waiting 30-45 minutes for everyone to come in, I still wasn’t totally in control.  Getting into the wheelchair wasn’t bad, but getting out of it in the new room was quite the experience.  Having the floor suddenly come up to meet you is quite the sensation.

Oh wait, I’m getting ahead of myself.  This time, they took me by the nursery before going straight to my room.  Just as we (Mom, aka Nana, was with me since Jesse ran off for some food) got there, the inlaws (aka Grandma and Grandpa) showed up and we were able to watch Simon’s bath.  Strangely, they weren’t giving him the bath I thought they were.  Don’t ask me why, but I thought he literally got a bath and now that I think about that, yeah that wasn’t right.  Regardless, my mother ended up with some pictures from Simon’s bath (which I should hopefully get next week hint hint) and then we moved on to my room.  I didn’t get Simon back right away, he had to warm up after all, but I was able to get comfortable in my room.

Once everyone showed back up, it was pretty close to the end of visiting hours, so the grandparents didn’t stay too long.  Everyone had their time holding the baby and got to see Ian with his brother. When Jesse and I were alone with Simon, that’s when we realized something – we weren’t nearly as tired.  Not only were we not tired, but Jesse was so laid back that he held Simon more during the first 12-24 hours than I did.  He even did Simon’s first diaper change.  It was a distinct difference from our time in the hospital with Ian.

2010.08.24-Simon.02.jpgNow don’t get me wrong, the change is neither good or bad, but both of us were calmer this time around and we think it had a lot to do with the fact that it was the second time around and I was induced.  There was no instant water breakage and a rush to the hospital; there was no back labor and a long drawn out epidural; there was nothing to stress about.  We knew Simon was coming on the 22nd and we were ready – both mentally and physically.  With Ian, I don’t think we could’ve said that; after all, he did show up two weeks earlier than we thought he would.

This difference was definitely seen throughout our stay at the hospital.  Jesse was with me the entire time, only leaving once per day for about 30 minutes for his daily Chipolte fix.  Simon slept for most of it, freaking us out since Ian was never this quiet out the door, and when the time came to be discharged, we were ready.  Well, Jesse and I were ready, but Simon decided he needed to eat first.

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