Life with Simon

2010.08.28-Boys.03.jpgMan does Simon have the life right now. All he does is sleep and eat. I’m being told that this is normal for newborns, but it’s not for us. Ian was never like this.  No two children are alike, but I didn’t think they would be polar opposites.

Regardless, life with Simon has been fabulous, as expected.  He’s been making it out and about a little earlier than what we did with Ian, but that’s mainly because life does go on.  When Ian was born, we were the ones who were adjusting the most; with Simon, he’s having to adjust more to our schedules.  Although, that’s been pretty easy with all the sleep he’s been getting.  Yes, I’m still stuck on that.  It’s weird!  Anyway, Simon has already been to the park twice, a birthday party and has gone on errands with just Ian and I.  Through it all, he has been great.

Ian is still loving his brother, but Ian does have a slight case of no boundaries.  Ian is constantly wanting to give his little brother kisses and hugs and trying to help out as much as he can.  Even making sure that Simon is getting his “leftovers” whenever he cries.  Let’s hope Sion doesn’t become claustrophobic from all the attention his big brother is giving him.

2010.08.24-SimonDaddy.08.jpg2010.08.29-MamaBoys.04.jpgJesse is dealing with the whole fatherhood thing a lot better this time around. Again, I think a lot of it has to deal with the less than stressful labor and the fact that Simon doesn’t do anything but sleep. *grin*  He’s not having any problems giving Simon a bottle, and in fact, is totally okay with being left alone with him.  With both of them!

As for me, I’m adjusting fairly well.  I’ve already had both boys by myself while Jesse is at work and it wasn’t totally bad.  Ian was a little lovely (a lot) and wanted in my lap whenever Simon was there, but overall, not bad.  I’ve even ran errands with both of them by myself.

It’s still weird having two boys in the house, but life is good.

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