1 Month!

Simon-mo01Simon-mo00Holy cow…can you believe Simon has been with us for an entire month now?  He hasn’t had his two month check up yet, so there’s not a lot to say, but I confirm that the boy can eat.  On August 22nd, he was 8lbs 3oz and 20.5in long.  While I can’t tell you what his weight is at the moment (I think we’re going to go get his weight checked on Thursday), I can tell you that he’s definitely growing.  On September 2nd he was up to 8lbs 9oz, so he gained back all of his water weight and then some.  I would not be surprised if he wasn’t gaining on, if not surpassed, 9lbs right now.  The boy can eat.

Simon’s hair is starting to lighten up a little.  It’s not as dark or as thick as it was at birth, but Ians’ did the same thing, so we’re not too worried.  It’s natural after all.  His head has also grown – his adorable hat he wore home from the hospital (and that Grandma made) doesn’t fit him anymore.  This saddens me greatly.  It was so cute.

Simon is starting to wake up more during the day.  He still sleeps a lot, but there are times where he’s up for a good hour or so between naps.  His eyes tend to go cross-eyed on occasion, but we’re hoping that’s nothing to be concerned about.  I’m assuming it’s because he’s trying to focus on something a little too hard, but we’ll have to wait and see.  He’s not sleeping through the night, but that’s fine.  Seriously.  Jesse and I have it down this time around and sleep hasn’t been an issue for either of us (at least I don’t think it has been an issue for Jesse).  Since we’re both night owls, Jesse tends to stay up until midnight – 1am, depending on what he’s doing, keeping Simon downstairs with him.  When he comes to bed, then I take over getting up with Simon, but he generally sleeps pretty well and gets up twice from 2a – 7a.  Simon generally eats between 2-3am and then again around 5-6am and once he’s done eating, he falls back asleep pretty quickly.  Half the time, he falls asleep before he finished eating.  The only time his nightly habits have really affected my sleep is when I think he’s ready to go back to bed and he’s not.  The whole is he asleep?  Can I lay him down again?  *2 minutes later* Nope, guess not. scenario usually drives me nuts and really exhausts me out, but it is my fault for being impatient.

The one thing that is becoming very obvious is that I do not have enough clothes for Simon.  Well, I have plenty of clothes, just not the right kind.  I did save a lot of Ian’s clothes, but since the boys are in complete opposite seasons, not all of them work.  For instance, when Ian was 1-2 months old, the weather was getting warmer, so I kept him in nothing but a onesie.  His bare legs weren’t an issue.  However, now that Simon is 1 month old, the weather is getting cooler and his bare legs are an issue.  I actually have to put pants on him.  And socks!  I did end up saving one pair of pants but they are 3 months and a little big.  Thankfully, I did manage to get another pair of pants from a friend (Thanks Jill!), so at least he has two.  I’m going to have to go shopping this weekend for a couple more.  Although, considering the 3 month pants weren’t that big on him, I’ll probably get that size.  It wouldn’t make a ton of sense to get 0-3mos at this point after all.

Simon isn’t holding his head up yet, but he’s doing a good job of getting to that point.  We’re not letting him spend a ton of time on his tummy, not like we did with Ian, mainly because of how much Ian loves hugging his brother, but he’s working those neck muscles.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he isn’t holding his head up completely on his own within the next two weeks.

OMG…how can I forget this milestone – Ian has already carried his brother.  The boys and I were downstairs and when I went to fold laundry, Ian decided Simon wanted to lay on the couch with him. So he picked Simon up, from his bouncer, and walked the 2 or 3 steps to the couch and laid him down.  I do have to admit, Ian didn’t do that bad of a job, he just didn’t get Simon up on the couch far enough.  Thankfully, I did get to them in time to save Simon a tumble onto the floor.  Since then, Ian has totally been wanting to help carry his brother around.

Well, I didn’t think I had a lot to say and I’m already thinking I’m missing something, but this is where we’re at with Simon after one month.  This next month should be really fun.

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