Stupid Allergies

Simon - AllergiesTo get everyone up to speed, last week we took Simon into the Urgent Care because his face was just so broken out.  It started appearing around his eyes and we got a little concerned.  The docs there said it looked to be an allergic reaction, but due to his age, we couldn’t find out what it was.  Simon started cereal right before Christmas, so we thought that might be it.  Since then he’s been getting rice cereal daily (and doing a fairly good job) and it seemed to be getting better.

Then, this weekend with Grandma and Grandpa, his face went in the opposite direction and got worse.  First, I hate the idea that I wasn’t there when it got bad.  My little man must have been cranky.  I don’t like it when my boys feel bad and I’m not there.

However, that gave me a clue as to what it could be.  I’ve been using the Tide Natural detergent for all of our clothes, so I haven’t been separating his out. After talking with a few people, it looked to be the same stuff as Dreft, so I haven’t seen the need for two different detergents.  Well, on occasion, I switch in some Clorax Color Safe Bleach (mainly for the towels) and I don’t generally pay attention to what is in the load when I use it.  This past week, I’ve been using it exclusively since we ran out of the Tide and I was going to finish it out before going out and getting more detergent.  When I was packing for this weekend, I got all of the boys clothes from the laundry I had just done (with the Clorax) and on Saturday, grandma calls and tells me Simon’s face is so much worse than the day before.  So that has to be it – the detergent.

So last night, I went out and bought more of the Tide Natural and have been washing everything of Simon’s.  I’ll have to start keeping his separate for awhile and see if this doesn’t help clear up his face.  I’m praying it does because none of us really want a food allergy in the house.

Side note, I’m also wondering if the amount of sugar I’ve been having hasn’t been a culprit too.  It’s the holiday – lots of holiday baking went on in our household.

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