A new focus

2011.06.13-Simon.07I know I’ve been very bad about posting to Simon’s site and I totally blame Facebook for that.  It’s so easy, and takes so little time, to put up random updates, images and videos, that I never quite make it to his site for his monthly birthdays.  I know I’m way behind on them, but before I get to them, I have something else to talk about.

Simon has food allergies.  Not only does he have food allergies, but he has two of the most difficult to avoid – Peanuts and Wheat.  This is a whole new experience for us since Ian has been allergy free since day one, but we’re managing. The peanut allergy hasn’t been too difficult to manage yet.  Of the two, I actually think it’s a little easier since if something has nuts in it, it’s very obvious to see.  Right now, we’re not too worried about any products that have been manufactured anyplace with nuts, so it’s been fairly easy to keep them out of his hands.  I did rid of the all the peanut products the day we came home from the allergist, but I still need to find some good alternatives to some basics.  Namely peanut butter.  Ian loves peanut butter, but he’s been a champ about understanding that we can’t have it in the house anymore due to Simon’s new allergies.  One of the alternatives I’ve been hearing a lot about is Sunbutter and I’ve been on the hunt for some.  Strangely, my local Kroger didn’t have any, but I’m heading out to Whole Foods tonight to try and grab some.

Speaking about Whole Foods, the main reason I’m going is because the Wheat allergy sucks a lot more than I originally thought.  In my naiveté, I was thinking I just need to keep Simon away from whole wheat breads, bagels, muffins, etc, but oh no, it’s a lot worse than that.  Wheat is in everything!  From pretzels to colored gold fish to chicken nuggets to macaroni and cheese – pretty much everything in the house right now has wheat in it.  For someone who is all about chomping down on foods (why yes, Simon does have teeth now, I’ll get to that in a bit), it’s been a little perplexing trying to find foods I can give him.

With Ian, I used his site as a way to not only keep the grandparents updated on his progress, but also as a journal of pregnancy in general.  With Simon, Facebook has made it easier to just throw out a quick update and viola; so journalizing as been more of quick status updates than lengthy blog posts.  Trust me, I’ve been feeling really bad that I haven’t paid as much attention to Simon’s site, but now I have something new to journalize, something we haven’t had to worry.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that I’m going to start being a little better with Simon’s site.  I’m not going to claim that I’ll be the perfect mother and I’ll be here every day, but with Simon’s new allergies, I’m definitely going to want to keep a record of everything we encounter.  We’ve been having to make a lot of adjustments, with the biggest adjustment being that we could no longer go to our favorite restaurant since they have peanuts ALL OVER THE PLACE, and I’m sure we’ll be coming across things we definitely want to remember.

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