Wheat Allergies

2011.06.05-JesseSimonSo I’ve been looking into this whole wheat allergy a little more, trying to figure out what I can give Simon vs what I can’t, it’s a lot more restrictive than I originally thought.  Granted, it’s not as bad as a gluten-free diet, but keeping any and all wheat out of the house is going to take some getting used to.

Want to know what I have to get out of the house? I was thinking all I was going to have to watch out for was anything with the word “wheat” in it, except buckwheat (buckwheat is wheat-free).  Make sense, right?  Then I find out about all of these: Durum, Farina, Bulgur, Matzoh, Cous-cous, Semolina, Emmer, Einkorn, Farro and Graham.  I don’t even know what half these words mean (hence the wiki links, I had to look them up).  The biggest one that I would never have thought of was the graham – as in graham crackers.  Don’t ask me why, but I just never thought of graham being a form of wheat.  The other category of food I wasn’t expecting was Flour.  Wheat flour didn’t shock me, but your basic white, potato and bread flour also contains wheat.  This also means any kind of baked goods (muffins, cookies, cakes, pies) are going to be off limits as will pasta, pizza and bagels.  That’s a lot of food Simon is not going to be able to have.  Well, if any of that is made with rice flour, he can have that, rice is good.

Pretty much everything in my kitchen contains some form of wheat and I’m not getting rid of it all.  We’re trying to minimize Simon’s exposure with the hope that he’ll outgrow this allergy (as well as the peanuts) as he gets older.  So I’m on the lookout for what to stock my kitchen with.  I want to make sure I have stuff Simon can eat as well as not have to worry about him getting something he shouldn’t have.  So yes, Ian is going on a semi-wheat free diet.

Anyway, I’ve been looking around the Internet and came across Sure Foods Living and they have this great list of things I should keep away from, things to watch out for and things I can get.  It’s definitely been an eye opener as I’m finding even more things I wouldn’t have thought to check for wheat.  Did you know Teriyaki sauce has wheat in it.  Yup because it’s made with soy sauce, which contains wheat.  That explains why Simon can’t have Taco Bell?  Jesse was a little surprised that he couldn’t have their meat, but if they make it with soy sauce, now we know.

When I think of food allergies, I think of items that we eat – not things we wouldn’t eat.  In addition to finding out which foods to stay away from, I also found out that I will have to worry about non-food items as well.  For instance, anything that has the chance to be ingested (i.e. playdough, lotion, paste, etc), even though it’s not suppose to be, could more than likely contain wheat.  Maybe that’s why Simon keeps reacting to the basement.

The sheer amount of food that Simon is not going to be allowed to have continues to grow (here’s another list that has a few more items on it) and I’m actually starting to wonder what I’m going to feed him.  If anyone has any suggestions for good treats and snacks for the kids, I would greatly appreciate it.

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